Sino Siam Biotechnique Co., Ltd
   Manufacturer and Distributor of Chondroitin Sulfate

   We are a BOI promoted company (Thailand Board of Investment) established in January 2005 with USP, GMP and HACCP international standard. We have been manufacturing and exporting Chondroitin Sulfate worldwide with annual production capacity of 400 MT on the 6.33-acre  (25,600m2) land area.

  Our product is for dietary supplement, pharmaceutical and animal feed. We have maintained supreme quality and safetyin our production, Our international customers are confident that our products are of high quality and safety in throughout 18 years.

company policy : "  Sino Siam Bio technique Co., Ltd. is committed to developing quality, Hygienic and safe products, increasing efficiency to meet and create maximum customer satisfaction. "
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